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aivika Today's business processes are complex and expensive, but aivika can help you streamline them for greater efficiency, transparency, and profitability. aivika is a set of tools that simplify document capturing from desktop and mobile devices, enables workflow between employees and departments, making document sharing anddistribution in anorganizationor between organizations more efficient. As a business grows, changes to meet that growth inevitably occur. Our team strives to streamline your business processes and create the most cost-effective solutions. We are proactive when identifying challenges that may affect your company and offer unique, creative solutions. We give you advantages that no other company that offer similar services can rival. We create innovations in order to make your businesses run faster, more smoothly and efficiently. We help you capitalize on changes in the economy and deliver automated processes that make things run efficiently. aivika provides streamlined solutions, insights, and competitive advantages to businesses seeking to take benefit of changes in the marketplace. When you need to be able to quickly convert paper documents into digital ones, aivika conforms to your business operations by providing scanning services to help you convert your documents into digital files. Supporting your vision to streamlinebusiness processes. Get a FREE assessment!

DMS Database Cloud File Server Capture Process Store Manage OCR File Conversion Barcode Recognition Metadata Workflow Metadata Workflow Versioning & audit trail Collaboration Advanced search & retrieve Cloud Multi-function device Mobile devices Desktops Laptops Webcam The ability to create and support flexibility is becoming the primary competitive advantage in today's business landscape. This is where aivika Capture Pro & aivika Capture Pro Standalone has the capacity to deliver a solution that will digitally transform your strategic business processes and workflows to enhance efficiency, productivity, automation, collaboration, connectivity & profitability. Capture information as it enters your organization no matter the format: Scanners, Desktop Modules, Hot Folder, E-mail, mobile camera, Webcam, etc. Process the documents captured by performing barcode reading, text recognition with the help of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) powered by the Efflux Engine, conversion to another format, andmuchmore. Lastly, route and store processed documents to where they need further processing. Seamless integration with Document Management Systems such as DocVolante via our connectors allows you to manage your documents that are manually indexed with keywords, tags, and metadata to make it easy for search and retrieval. It's important to keep in mind that the digital transformation journey isn't a destination, it's a continuous process. The key is to identify new challenges as they arise, and then take actionable steps towards solving them.

Multisource document capture. aivika enables you to capture data within documents whenever requried. You can capture documents from any application that supports Windows printing, capture multiple documents on your folder with a right click in File Explorer and pick a mail's attachment and send it to aivika, directly fromMS Outlook. This will fast track your business process as it allows to preview documents with a large number of pages instantly. Unlimited hot folders. Users can define unlimited number of hot folders with different settings for each of them. Specify a folder and aivika loads documents automatically when they are added to the folder. Capture

Webcam document capture. Capture images directly into aivika using a connected webcam. aivika scan settings. aivika can work with Twain Scanners with advanced settings or using existing profiles. Capture

aivika Mobile document capture. aivika Mobile, a seamless anytime, anywhere document capture experience, be it in the office, on-site or even remotely. It is an enhanced and user-friendly document capture solution that allows you to scan, digitize, route, store and optimize business critical information. It’s predominantly a solution that presents your business processes in a streamlinedmanner. Capture

Document preview. aivika capture allows users to open and view a different range of documents, including pdf, word, excel, and images. Advanced document composition. aivika capture allows users to create a new document using the different pages from opened documents in the composition panel. Users can modify the new document with many options like, rotating the page, adding blank pages etc. Process

PDF digital signature. Digitally sign any documents processed by the ScannerVision™ server. With the new digital signature module, every process performed by ScannerVision™ may be quickly completed by incorporating a digital signature as well as a timestamp issued by an authorized organization. PDF Digital Signature allows you to do business frompractically anywhere, at any time. Document redaction. Configure your template with set phrases or regular expressions to be Masked or Highlighted during the document generation. Process

Advanced image processing. The document page in the composition panel allows image processing features such as smoothing, binarization, removing borders, auto orientation, dot removal, invert text, deskew, denoise & etc.... It can be applied to the entire document as a step in a workflow or to a single page in the composition panel. Process Deskew Invert text Binarization LineRemoval Addmask Addhighlight

Document toolbox. Add Signatures, Initials, Stamps, Text, Masks, and Highlights to your documents to be reflected in the output document. In addition to that, we have a sign pad to set your signature, or you can simply import it and aivika will take care of the white background removal. Process Compare documents. A compare view to show the expected result after applying your template settings, document toolbox, and image processing.

PDF-A By configuring the PDF-A conformance from your template, all your searchable PDFs are conformed to PDF-A standard. Process Enhanced performance in64bits. It runs as a 64bit process on the machines with a 64bit CPU’s that enhances the performance and allows the application to use more memory when its needed. Unlock endless opportunities with its enhanced capabilities that enables high speed processing.

ZoneOCR & Barcode reading. With our in-house OCR engine, the Efflux Engine, users can capture metadata at sight (text & barcodes), right from the user designated region on the preview page. Furthermore, users can categorize zones for better productivity. Customized workflow. aivika templates allow users to predefine a workflow for documents and execute it. The workflow contains different settings, such as defining the OCR language, performing image processing on the document, automatic name generation for composed documents and saving them, defining the upload document format, and setting the upload to ScannerVision™ and other Document Management Systems such as DocVolante. Process

Personalized user profile. Users can createmultiple profiles to save different UI layouts and settings to be used for different scenarios to streamline business processes and enhance functionality. Personalize and take advantage of what suits you best to ensure optimum performance. Process

Upload to DMS inaflash. Our connectors enable seamless integration with different Document Management Systems, such as DocVolante, that have been included in the application by default. Other Document Management Systems will be available in the future to be installed as an add-on. Connectors support aivika is not only limited to ScannerVision™, but also ready to work with our Document Management Systems, DocVolante and SharePoint to upload your documents directly. In addition, there will be more connectors coming soon. Store

Get a FREE assessment! We understand the importance of workplace document processes and how they can be tedious and difficult. For that reason, we've created a solution that makes these processes easier and more efficient for you and your employees. We want to make sure that your employees are able to get the job done quickly and efficiently, so they can focus on what really matters: YOURSUCCESS! We take pride in providing exceptional after-sales service, so if there are any issues or concerns with our product, we're always willing to help! We provide exceptional service to our clients and believe that our after-sales support is what sets us apart from the rest. Comprehensive document capture designed for efficiency.

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